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Black Slate

Formed in London in 1972 by Anthony Brightly, Chris Hanson and Desmond Mahoney Black Slate was recognized as a band that was able to blend reggae into their own unique sound. Their first charting hit was “Sticksman,” released in 1976, followed by “Mind Your Motion” (TCD, 1979); “Amigo” (Ensign, 1980) broke into the Top Ten Singles Charts and, to this day, this song remains a rallying call for the Rastafarian way of life.

Following a tour in Europe in 1978, and backing Reggae stars Delroy Wilson and Ken Boothe, Black Slate signed with Ensign Records and released “Boom Boom,” a single, and the Sirens In The City album. More albums followed – Rasta Festival (Alligator, 1981), Ogima (Hit and Run, 1981), Six Plus One (Top Ranking, 1982), Black Slate (Sierra, 1985), and Get Up And Dance (FairWood Music, 1995).

After a sold-out tour of New Zealand, band members made the decision to stop touring in the mid 1980s and, in 2011, decided to begin the process of regrouping and planning Black Slate’s return to recording and performing again. In 2013, Black Slate released a full album, Midnight (TCD), and the single, “World Citizenship,” (Unit 8 Records).

Remaining close friends over the years, original band members Anthony Brightly (keyboards and vocals), Chris Hanson (guitar), and Desmond Mahoney (drums) agreed to reunite and revitalize Black Slate. Adding Colin McNeish on bass guitar, Jesse Brade on vocals, the reunited Black Slate debuted at the prestigious Miami Reggae Festival in November 2013.

Black Slate: a well respected band of talented and creative men who are again ready to bring their special brand of Reggae music to the world.

“We play music because we love playing music. We are ready for the road again,” Anthony Brightly said recently. “A venue of 100, or a stadium of 10,000, we will be on the road to bring the message to every place people want to hear Reggae music. I see a continuation of our journey…”

Albums available now
· Black Slate Amigo (TCD Records)
· Ogima (TCD Records)
· Six Plus One (TCD Records)
· Midnight (TCD Records)
· Now And Then (TCD Records)
· World Citizen (2014, Unit 8 Records)


Original members 

Founding members Desmond Mahoney, Anthony Brightly, &
Chris Hanson

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