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Frederica Tibbs

Frederica Tibbs began singing at 5 years of age at the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Brixton.


At a very young age she auditioned for Hughie Green's Opportunity Knocks, and her recording career began in the early 1980's as the lead vocalist for a Band called Family Love, one of the key bands on the UK lovers rock reggae scene under the guidance of Lloyd Heron.


Her solo career began in 1984 recording numerous hits with some of the UK's top producers including Patrick Donegan, Mafia and Fluxy, Tex Johnson, Berris Bassa, Derek Fevrier and international producers like Gregory Issacs.


Tibbs has accompanied many of Reggae's top acts on stages around the world, both UK and internationally, as a backing vocalist, harmony arrangement being one of her strengths acts with artists such as the late Delroy Wilson, Gregory Issacs, Tyrone Taylor, Alton Ellis, BB Seaton, Little Roy, Judge Dread, Dave Barker, Dennis Brown and many more.


Much of her solo output has been through Patrick Donegan's Progressive Sound label, as well as with a variety of labels such as Berris Bassa's Surespin, African Museum, Brewsters Millons and many more.


Her recordings have received much airplay and chart attention with numerous titles such as Decisions, Reluctant Lover, Anniversary remix ' 84' which was with Family Love also solo Undying Love, Moonlight Lover, Feel Like Jumping with Horseman, Im gone with Gregory Isaacs; For Real, Go with the Flow, with her last couple of recordings reaching the UK Reggae 10, namely Angel and Touch me Tease me with Vivian Jones and Glamma Kid.


Frederica Tibbs is not only a singer of the highest credibility, but also as a devoted mother of 4, and a Nurse specialising in Dementia care, which is recognized as a very humbling and demanding area of Adult Nursing - which given her work load, makes her musical feats that much more incredible.


Tibbs' new album, Just Frederica - a fifteen track set - is her first solo album after 31 years in the music industry. Launched in July 2012, the album was produced and arranged by Gary Digitec Lewis of Digitec Records, who has also written a few of the songs. The emphasis of the album is based on every day occurrences, personal experiences and positive themes. The album features other great singers such as Andrew Sloley and Chardel Rhoden.


Frederica recently completed her album 'Mix N' Blend' with the Illusive UK producer Derek Fevrier (Demondo), the album is now available in all leading digital download stores.


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