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‘Jashwha delivers formidable roots reggae the kind that dominated Jamaica’s sound systems in the mid to late 70’s’ – Mojo 4/5.  ‘The impression of a Reggae Auteur in the same league as Pablo Moses or Kiddus I’ - The Wire 

Having taken more than thirty five years to deliver his first original album, Jashwha Moses has taken heed of the overwhelmingly positive response from fans old and new and wasted little time in recording a brand new follow up to 2013's “No War on Earth”. The new album titled “The Rising” continues to spread the Jahggae message with backing from Full Force and Power and the production side of things once more being undertaken by long term collaborator MIKEY. 

Building on the success of the previous album and having spent the last two years honing both his performance skills and his songs through a series of well received live shows, Jashwha's music has progressed and evolved yet, at the same time he delivers more of the same with a selection of roots music infused with his own blend of spirituality. 

Jahggae has truly arrived – Peace and Love 

ARTIST: Jashwha Moses 
TITLE: ‘The Rising’ 
RELEASE DATE: 22nd June 2015 
LABEL: Sugar Shack Records 
FORMAT: LP, CD and Digital Download 
BARCODE: 5052571059319 / 5052571060629 
GENRE: Reggae, Dub, Jahggae

Legendary Handsworth, Birmingham reggae figure Fatman, has returned to the studio and will be releasing the first new Black Symbol album in thirty years when new CD “Journey” is released by Sugar Shack Records. 

During the late 1970s and early 1980s, Fatman and Black Symbol helped to put Birmingham's Handsworth area firmly on the reggae map with a series of Black Symbol singles and three albums done in conjunction with other local artists, including the two legendary volumes of “Handsworth Explosion” mostly released on the band's own eponymous label. 


The ten songs on “Journey” are brand new and have been produced by Paul Horton for Ecks Productions. Paul has twice been nominated for a Grammy Award for his work on Steel Pulse's “Victims” and Pato Banton's “Life Is a Miracle”. Although the music benefits from Paul's experience and knowledge of the latest production techniques, he's been careful to ensure that the music recalls the Black Symbol of old and retains that original spiritual edge. 


Special mention should be given to Empress Bev, whose backing vocals add so much to the unique sound of this album and help it stand out from the crowd. Black Symbol always sounded different from any other British reggae, the music always felt as though it had flowed straight from a spring in the hills of Jamaica rather than coming from the bricks and concrete of Birmingham and that sound is retained. There is still nobody making music like Fatman, one of the unsung voices of British reggae is back and the time is right for his message to spread to every continent. The journey starts here. 


ARTIST: Black Symbol 
TITLE: Journey 
RELEASE DATE: 27th January 2014 
LABEL: Sugar Shack Records 
BARCODE: 5052571053324 
GENRE: Reggae, Dub,

Thirty years after they recorded their debut long player, 1984's ‘Takin The Strain’, Bristol's roots reggae pioneers Talisman have found enough space in their busy live schedule to record their third studio album, ‘I-Surrection’, to be released via Sugar Shack Records on 30th September. 
Having reformed in 2011, Talisman have spent the last two years honing their skills and playing live shows at every opportunity, including the support slot on The Selectors' recent UK tour. Original core members Dehvan and Dennison have also found the time to write the six new songs that, along with their instrumental and dub counterparts, form this latest twelve track set. It's hard to escape the economic and political similarities between today and the bands early eighties heyday, so it's no surprise that all of the songs deal with political or roots themes and resonate with the classic sound of British reggae from the golden age. 
The way the music sounds is no modern pastiche; Dehvan and Dennison have been playing together for 35 years and the classic roots sound comes naturally. Likewise, the social conscience they display in their song writing has always been part of the Talisman sound. They are the real deal and this is a reggae album with genuine heritage. 


ARTIST: Talisman
TITLE: ‘I-Surection’ 
RELEASE DATE: 22nd June 2015 
LABEL: Sugar Shack Records 
FORMAT: LP, CD and Digital Download 
GENRE: Reggae, Dub, Jahggae 

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